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Post your bouquet and inspiration pics here

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So i was totally set on the bouqet that I wanted and then i seen a picture of another brides bouqet (on a different thread) and fell in love with it. Now I need some help to decide between the two.

My Colors are Eggplant and Aqua Blue.


My second love:



The one I was originally set on : with some aqua blue orchids mixed in and tropical greenery instead of the leafy kind in the picture.



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Here is what I am hoping for. I have just sent this photo off to the florist so I am hoping they can recreate something similar. I do not want the chain but want to keep the aqua ribbon as our colours are aqua, green and ivory. The BM's will have smaller bouquets with ivory calla lillies. Grooms bout will match my bouquet while the GM's will match the bridesmaid's.


bouquet inspiration6.jpg

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Espejo2be, they are all beautiful, no matter which one you pick it will pop in pictures! I wish I could get those orchids in mexico because I love the blue in them!

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My girls will be in turquoise blue, but I wanted pink, orange, purple, and lime green as my floral decor for a completely tropical feel.


This will be my bouquet with a turquoise ribbon around it:


bridal bouquet.jpg


The bridesmaids will have smaller versions of my bouquet - I'm hoping the colors really stand out against the blue. 


These were a couple of my inspiration pictures to show the pink/orange and also the purple tones I wanted:


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