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Any women's health professionals?

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Sorry I'm late to this thread Shay.


As Kate mentioned, I have pretty severe Endo. I've been on every form of BC you can imagine (7 pills, patch, ring, etc). And have had 2 surgeries.


TMI, but I used to have trouble with spotting and cramping after intercourse. I still do occasionally. At one point I was on Vicodin and bedrest for cramps.


From what you mentioned in your post, I would guess it is time to change the BC, if that is a treatment that works for you. The hard part of having Endo is that every woman is different and you can't tell how bad it is without looking inside. The amount of pain you experience has nothing to do with the amount or location of the lesions.


I would advise making an appointment ASAP with a doctor and getting an ultrasound.


As far as fertility issues, with proper treatment, you can go on to conceive and deliver a perfectly healthy baby. Ironically, having a child will usually "cure" you.


I was mis-diagnosed for years, and that is why I've had the number of problems I did.


Feel free to PM or E-mail me with any questions. I'm really open about the matter. When I was first diagnosed at 19 I had no one to turn to and really didn't understand the severity of my condition. I'm happy to help in any way that I can.


Good luck!

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I too am also late on this post. But how do you feel now, have you gone to the Dr. I had PID a few years ago, I had similar systoms and ended up being rushed to the ER. Funny thing about it is that I never had an STD, so they arnt quite sure, but I also have a lot of endo symtoms...... but again the Dr's cant seem to pin point anything. I tell youone thing, when I really got hit hard or had a flare up with PID it was the most painfull experience I have ever had. If you have any doubt in your mind that you might have it, go get checked ASAP.

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Erin, I am now an official Vicodin rep too... maybe you should go on the road with me?!.



So heres the thing too.... BC pills can make your endo worse because of the estrogen in the pills. Truth be told, many doctors hate chronic pelvic pain patients, because they don't know what to do with them! Sometimes even if they take you to surgery, they can't find the lesions that are causing the problems. The most interesting thing I learned is that the lesions they can see are not the ones that are causing the pain... those are the old burnt out ones. So the ones that sort of blend in are the ones causing the probs. Frusterating, huh?


I hope you feel better soon. And you are not alone. Search for Julianne Hough from Dancing with the Stars. She had emergancy surgery last week and learned that she has endo too.

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