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Bridal Bouquet- What do you think?

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Oh, I found her post!


this is what Karla said about her flowers:


There are 2 types of calla lilies available in Cabo. National or imported. The difference is in the size. The national are a bit skinnier and have thicker stems. That means that you can't have as many in a bunch as you could in an imported bouquet. The cost is a big difference also. The bouquet of the imported was quoted at $200. My bouquet was national callas for $115.


After I got the explanation above, I thought my bouquet was going to be really thin, but it was actually really full and I thought just the right size for a bridal bouquet. So I would recommend saving money and going for the national calla lilies. Oh, my calla lilies were actually painted. The natural pink calla lilies were not strong enough of a color for me, so I got them painted to that deep color.

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