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Suzanne Morel!!

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Hello Ladies!


So happy to hear such great things about Suzanne and her staff! I read many reviews about the spa at the Riu and many were not positive especially when it came to hair and make-up.


Just wondering - approximately how far away is Suzanne's spa & salon from the Riu palace? Should we take a taxi?


thanks very much! :)

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Thanks for the great info on Suzanne Morel. I plan on booking her to do my hair and makeup but I just worry so much because my hair is naturally curly but I wear it straight all the time because I flat iron it. I'm just really picky when it comes to my hair lol I don't wany it to be frizzy or anything. Anyone else have this kinda predicament?

Also,Is it humid in Cabo in May?

One more thing, does anyone know if she charges a bit less if you just want her to do you eye makeup rather than a full face? Thanks!

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