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Which Palace Resort is best to have our wedding??

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God, I am soooo confused right now!! AAhhh...if someone/anyone can help by offering their suggestions/opinions, I would be sooooo happy and relieved!!


Here is my issue:


We are looking to get married May of 2010, so I DO have some time which is good...but I still would LOVE to get the finalized location and pricing to guests ASAP, so they feel they have plenty of time to save.


I was first leaning toward Moon or Playacar Palace...even Cozumel Palace. Then I found Dreams Puerto Aventuras - it's a new resort, and was supposed to open Nov, but now it's not opening till Dec. It seemed to be soooo much cheaper than any of the Palace Resorts, so I decided to go with Dreams Puerto Aventuras (PA). Well, the communication is aweful, and I have to wait for about 5 days before I hear back from the coordinator. There is no 800 number to speak to anyone (Palace Resorts has their own 800 #).


I was then quoted pricing for 2010, so I sent an email out with our website to guests with all the needed info. Come to find out now that those rates were for 2009, and the rates could go up significantly for 2010, since the 2009 rates were so low because it's a new resort.


Sooo...the rates could now go up to what the Palace rates are anyway...and I am now again thinking I should just go with one of the Palace Resorts...but which onehuh.gif Ahhh...


Any help would be soooo appreciated!!


Thanks sooo much!



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Firstly...I need to warn you that I am most probably going to be biased..i'm a mp bride! cheesy.gif


But with the communication problems, I'd say from personal experience, this seems to be normal if you are enquiring about a wedding far in the future - mp were the same - murder to get a response out of! So I wouldn't let that affect your choice UNLESS you hear from brides who get married there next year it happens to them too!


I think you would be best doing lots of research on Dreams and the palace resorts you like, without paying attention to money...and work out which YOU AND H2B like best for the facilities they offer...put them in numerical order...then work out which one nearest the number one spot you can afford most.


Over in the UK, when I first started looking into MP, it was coming under a 4 star in the TA's...now its coming under a 5 star...which is great telling ppl we are getting married at a 5 star hotel...but subsequently prices have increased quite a lot since the start of the year...but its the resort we have fallen in love with, so needs must.


hope this helps a bit! cheesy.gif

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Thanks for your insight!!


It's so hard to do the research without taking price into account - for us and for the guests...but I do see what you're saying. Something that I noticed which is great about Palace, is that they offer some really great deals for groups...Dreams PA do not offer anything basically.


Do you think that Moon Palace is higher in price compared to other resorts or about the same?


I noticed that you are getting married in 2010 also...what's your date? And how are you figuring pricing if it's not posted yet for 2010? I talked to Palace yesterday, and they said that they are changing up the wedding packages a lot for 2010 - for the better...so that's great!


Well, thanks again so much for your help!!

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We are May hopefully 28th! I'm going to go with the free wedding package and add things on...as for the guests...because we are flying from the UK, everyone is treating it as their summer holiday. Yes, it defo is more expensive than what alot of them would probably book for - I know we are normally the ones who wait for last minute bargains! But I think there are many selling points for Moon Palace - one being the amount of restaurants they have..think its 13....i know from personal experience that you can sometimes get bored of the food served at AL resorts but no way could anyone get bored with that about of choice! Also, the "Palace Passport"...i know alot of our guests want to see Mexico, so we have to take into account that going to the ruins, and many other excursions are included in the holiday price because of the palace passport. Also, the booze they use is branded...which i've never had at an AL before. Taking all that into account, I don't think MP are unreasonable with their prices.


I can't wait to see what the new options are for 2010 then...wooo



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Yep...she said the are changing it for the better...not sure of the details, but hopefully it's good. I think the new packages will be listed in January.


Here is the # if you anyone wants to give them a call:

1-800-635-1836 or 1-800-346-8225



I too am one that always waits for bargains, and I guess that's why this decision is so hard for me! ha...but it does seem like the Palace Resorts has some great deals. One of my concerns about Moon Palace is how it's so secluded. Playacar Palace is only a 5 minute walk to the town of Playa Del Carmen and there's a ferry to take you over to Cozumel Palace (which I've also heard is super nice) and from Cozumel Palace you can walk into Cozumel. This is SUPER appealing...BUT, for some reason, I cannot find anyone getting married at Playacar Palace (or Cozumel Palace), and I wonder why? There must be a reason people have not chosen either of these resorts?!?

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I am also a May, 2010 bride! I know how you're feeling because it can be very hard to try to pick a spot when we can't even get prices right now, but even so, you wouldn't be able to book at this time anyway, right? I was told that we can't book until next year (well from our TA because they don't have 2010 prices out yet) so we've just come to the conclusion that we will have to be patient and just take it easy for now. I'd love to pick the resort, but it's also good because we have so much time to do research and look around. I'm sure you'll figure everything out. :) Sorry I'm not much more help, but I'm pretty much in the same boat as you are!!! Best of luck!

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I know exactly what you mean!! I want to be able to give our guests plenty of time also. But what we've decided is to tell them to save a certain amount, because we're pretty sure it'll be somewhere around that mark, hopefully less so they'll be happy!! lol.

We're really interested in the Barcelo Maya Palace, so that one's at the very top of our list, but we're keeping our options open still. We have a list of a few we like, and whichever comes up as the best rate and best options in the wedding package is the one we'll book.

I wonder when us May 2010 brides should think about booking.

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I first decided on Dreams Puerto Aventuras...but changed my mind for various reasons but I had already sent out our wedding website to guests telling them about Dreams and the pricing (now I'm told the pricing isn't 2010 pricing, even though before they said it was!!!). And now that we're changing resorts, I have to resend out the website with a different resort...I hate confusing people!!


So, I don't know the best way to do this...should I just decide on a resort, and list approx pricing ...or should I send out the site with no resort and approx pricing? If I send out with resort and approx pricing, I feel like at least since I am changing the resort on them, they feel like they still know what's going on because another resort has been chosen. Aahh..


I guess as soon as the resorts are accepting booking for 2010, we should just book, so at least that's out of the way...and guests can just book at their leisure.

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