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I have received a few tips in the past, and each one has surprised the heck outta me! I am not sure if its because I am in my first full-time year or not but I think a sincere compliment or 'bragging about the photog' is leaps and bounds more gratifying than a tip could ever be. Of course a tip is usually how most of us show how much we appreciate a service, but honestly with something like wedding photography, the trust alone should be sufficient. Its the most important day of your life, and nowadays EVERYONE and their DOGS are wedding photographers... I always feel like I won American Idol when I get chosen for a wedding lol I've shot 35-40 weddings so far and I STILL get that way :) and to have a bride brag about how great my services was... thats my tip right there.


don't get me wrong though... A guy still has to eat! wink.gif lol thats just not why we do this, thats all.

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I never expect a tip from my clients. However, it has happened a few times. When it happened, I was very surprised, as it was totally unexpected, but I really appreciated it.


But, it is something that is certainly not ever expected by me. So, I don't think you should feel obligated to tip your photographer. I second what others have said - if you want to show your appreciation, make sure your photographer is fed a nice meal, and that you write them a nice note of appreciation.



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