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I agree, it totally depends on what you truly [deep down] want. For me, the photos means a lot to me, because we have been together for like three years and only have like 4 photos together. I have lost a crap-load of weight, so the TTD is something to celebrate us, the weight loss, everything. I agree also with Katie, because it's not like you can go back to that moment.


$1200 isn't too bad, but I would look at what it would cost to fly someone down there with you, and you just pay for their all-inclusive trip; it might only be $1000 more or so, and that way, you would have them for three or four days, maybe the whole week, as apposed to only 2 hours. They might give you a deal on the photos afterwards, and/or, if you can find another bride getting married around the same time/place, then maybe she will share the cost with you.


We are flying our photog down with us [barcelo Mayan Riviera/ photog's cost is $3000+] so it's not cheap, but it was something that we had to make that decision on. It took us months, but ulimately, it was the right decision.



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$1,200 is not bad at all!!! the photographer we are going with will cost us $3,500 just for TTD!


Don't feel bad! I think you got a great deal, but remember that you do get what you pay for. I agree with the other brides' suggestions of consulting your photographers past TTD to see the work they've done so far.


I would pay close attention to the quality of the pics in the cenote. a photographer needs special lighting for that place.


does the $1,200 fee include an assistant?

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