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Fairytale Engagement

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Our Engagement --

Saturday, April 19, 2008


We had a little family vacation down in Disneyland for one week in April.

Our daughter, Kaitlyn & I flew Calgary to LAX. And Jason, of course, drove his sporty little SVO, and picked us up at the airport! This was great, as we could see more of Los Angeles, outside of the Anaheim trolley route!


We had such a great time in Disneyland and California Adventure! On our last night at Disney, we were going to watch the fireworks. However, due to "high winds", they were threatening to be cancelled. (Yeah, more like a gentle breeze --- they clearly have never been to Lethbridge, Alberta!) Anyhow, gotta keep Tinkerbell safe! Jason kept cursing that they better have fireworks... first clue something was up!


Well, they decided to go ahead! Jason kept disappearing to talk to some security guards. I was told to wait where I was... second clue something was up.


A little while later, he said "Come with me, I scored us a better seat!" He led us to a bench right behind the statue of Walt and Mickey, right in front of the castle, a spot that had been roped off from spectators, and was all ours!

We watched most of the fireworks (and they were breathtaking!!) Unfortunately, they cut the show short, due to those dang "high winds" again! But that is when Jason got down on one knee and proposed! I was so in shock, I could barely stammer out "yeah". And then all the crying and kissing started, and the security guard announced it to the crowd--- which started clapping & cheering.


And then I found out our little girl knew about it all along! She completely kept it secret from me! I couldn't have asked for a greater fairytale!



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That is SUCH a sweet story! I could just picture it all as I read your story. I bet your little girl was just busting at the seams - and that was so sweet of him to include her. I'm sure that made her feel SO special!


Congratulations on having such a special engagement and such a sweet FH!

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