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Hi everyone, I'm Alisha and really psyched that I found this forum.


I'm getting married 10/27/07 on Tortola in the BVI. I'm excited, but perhaps a little stunned. I don't think it's fully sunk in yet that I'm, like, engaged (even though it's been a month since he proposed).


I totally look forward to reading the forums and getting excellent advice from everyone here. Hopefully I can also contribute some excellent advice while I'm at it.


Nice to meet everyone...

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Ha, I think the date/place has been the easiet thing so far. He loves the BVI, and has been many times. We went together last year for a week and I really loved it. We had to do low season to keep cost down, but it seemed like end of low season would be more fun than beginning in terms of more stuff open more people around. So that was easy peasy, we had it all nailed down in 3 weeks.


The dress on the other hand is turning out to be really hard decision and I'm getting so much pressure from places to order 6 months out, which is like next week!

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