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Ok, I have a dilemna! I planned on sending save the date/announcement letters with resort info out now and to everyone who is invited to the wedding. We're talking almost 200 people. Once the people have confirmed and began paying for their trip, I was going to send out formal invites, message in a bottles to the people that are going about 6 weeks before the wedding or whatever the proper procedure is.


Ok, my sister in law is finishing up on my monogram and I am about ready to send out the announcements however I want something better. I have been looking for paper and envelopes to match my color and I was just going to print out the info on that and send it, nothing fancy just have my monogram on it. I can't even find the paper I want so I was just going to put it on nice, thick white papter. Something very low cost.


However, after looking at different sites like vista prints I saw that I can really have what I want but it will cost me! I really wanted to keep the budget low on these things and keep it simple but now I know that I can have what I want, I want it. But I know in my budget that extra cost is just not there!


What should I do?

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In reference to Vistaprint, have you signed up for their emails or looked online for current coupon codes? Everything that I've ordered from them was free & all I had to pay for was shipping. So I'm just wondering if what you saw in terms of pricing was with their special emails.

If this isn't in your budget then you should probably go with something less expensive because there might be something else down the line really worth blowing the budget for. I also like the idea of splurging on the invites as opposed to the STD's.

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I just ordered 100 postcards for free from VistaPrint. I just paid shipping. They just emailed me again with another free sale today. If you PM your email address I can send the offer to a friend. I'm using the postcards for my RSVP cards for my message in a bottle invites.

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