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Question for RIU Brides

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#1 marshall1980

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    Posted 19 October 2008 - 08:19 PM

    Hi All!
    I'm a Riu MoBay bride & I'm planning on having a friend of mine sing & play her guitar for our wedding ceremony music. I'm concerned about the sound quality and whether or not she will be heard. Does anyone know if they provide mics/amps/speaker, etc? I'd appreciate any help with this. Thanks all :)

    #2 YoursTruly

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      Posted 21 October 2008 - 02:24 PM

      Hey! According to Keneika, we are only given one microphone during the ceremony. So I am thinking sound dock and extra mic connected to the sound dock would be a backup option. Good Luck!

      #3 montegobay09

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        Posted 22 October 2008 - 05:05 PM

        From what I've heard there is one mic so maybe she could use that one. As for an amp I would say they probably have some but maybe at a cost??

        I wanted to say HI!!! cause you're getting married the day I arrive on the resort. I only get there in the evening but I'm sure we'll run into each other while you're there. How is your planning going? It's so nice to meet people who are in the same boat as me!! Congrats and happy planning!!

        #4 marshall1980

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          Posted 22 October 2008 - 11:59 PM

          Thanks guys for the info! it helps a lot.

          Hey Montegobay09!! Congratulations! I'm sure we'll run into each other :) Our wedding is sched for 4p and I know you don't arrive until the evening, but you are more than welcome to sneak a peak at any of our setups if you want to get an idea of how things will look for your big day.
          Planning is going ok so far (thanks for asking). I haven't really been in contact with the resort yet because I'm not sure of what questions I have for Kenieka. How is your planning coming along? I'm getting so excited, aren't you?

          #5 montegobay09

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            Posted 25 October 2008 - 11:03 AM

            Yes, I'm definately getting excited!! I know the time will fly by and before we know it it'll be time to leave!!

            I havn't been in touch with Keneika yet either. My TA is in the process of trying to get a hold of her to book our reception dinner since others at ROR seem to have been able to do that way ahead of time. Otherwise, I just got my cardstock in to start my invitations so I'm procrastinating on getting some friends together at get those made. I'm glad to find someone on the same timeline as me!! Have you thought about or started the paperwork yet for the marriage licsence?? I'm kinda stressing about that cause it's really a big thing we need and could stop us from getting married if it's not done on time! Anyway, that's just me freaking out. I'm sure we have plenty of time.

            I hope the rest of your planning goes well! I hope you don't mind if I PM you occasionaly to figure things out with this whole planning for a wedding in another country! Good luck and enjoy the process!


            #6 marshall1980

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              Posted 30 October 2008 - 10:48 AM

              PM me anytime! I haven't started the paperwork yet, because my TA said that we had time. But it's good to start thinking about it now though. I just mailed the save-the-dates and everyone is getting excited. Hope your planning is going well and keep me updated! Any info I receive, I'll be sure to pass along to you (and all of the other Riu Mobay brides).

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