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Originally Posted by Soon2beTWells View Post
I love them, where did you get the plastic cover? Also, what program did you use?
Thank you so much!! First of all, I didn't use any program. My FI is an architect and is artsy like that. I am SOOOO not!! We've been apart from one another for 5 months so you can imagine we've both been bored and needing things to do. So I put him to work! I honestly really couldn't tell you how he made them. But I can ask him if you'd like. Here's the thing, I found the photo for him and then he added the wording on it. He had to make 6 to a page. He made the outline and then sent it over to me and I printed and cut everything out and then shipped everything out a few days ago.

As for the plastic covers, I bought them on shoplet.com. The brand is Proximity Badge Holders and their $12.32 for 50. And you'll also need the plastic straps and those are a brand called Sparco. 100 come to a box and the box is $11.47. Everything cost me like $50 because i needed alot of them.

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