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Hi gals


I thought I would share the love and post my STD magnet that I designed. I was so frustrated in the process because none of the designs I made felt like "the one". After numerous attempts, I thought "oh who cares anymore!" and I made this one as a one-last attempt before calling it quits. Well, it worked out well because we decided on the last design.


I sent my design to Magnet Street to have them made. Before attempting to design my own, I paid the design fee to have one of their designers create one for us. let me say, I was very unimpressed with both designs the girl did. It was a pathetic attempt. So, I lost the $75 design fee and decided to make my own. In the end it worked out well and I would go through them again; however, I would not pay the designer fee unless I had no particular preference for what I wanted it to look like. The only reason I wanted to go with them is because I like the size and the quality of the magnet is great. It is thick and does not crease/fold like the ones I ordered from Vista Print. Anyway, as I said, in the end they turned out fabulous and everyone has commented on them. I also made "magnet inserts". I bought paper at Michael's that is pink on one side and flowers on the other. I printed brief information regarding the wedding and resort, stapled it with a pink staple, and put it in with the magnets. I also used the same paper for my "will you be my bridesmaid?" gifts (I will post pictures of those too). I printed black palm trees and seashells with pink outlines and used them to seal the envelopes. I printed them on address labels and just cut them out.



Hopefully you are able to see the pictures in the power point. If you can't and you want to see them, let me know your e-mail and I will send it to you.



Pics of magnet.ppt

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