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Post your "day of" itinerary

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I did a search and couldnt find a thread on this but I know i've seen people's day of itinerarys in their reviews or planning threads. But thought it would be helpful to have a few in one place to reference. I know I'm struggling with mine!!


Here's what I have so far... would love to see a few others! I'm just making up these time frames. Its hard to judge how long things will take!


8am- walk on beach/workout (hopefully)

9am – breakfast with moms

11:30 BM lunch- order into room?

1pm – hair appointment?? (still need to confirm this time)

2:30- make up in my room

2:30 – photographer arrive. Photo of details, bride getting make up done

2:45 – photos of GMs and Groomâ€s family on the beach

3:30 last photos of bride getting ready, pics with BMs

3:45 guests line up

4pm ceremony

4:45 cocktail hour and group photos

6pm announce couple

6:05 First Dance

6:15 speeches/toast

6:30 prayer before dinner

6:35 EAT

7pm Fire dancers

7:15 Father/daughter dance

7:20 Mother/son dance

8pm cake cutting

9pm tequila tasting (bring out table with shot glasses and tequila)

10:30 head to the disco if they make us shut down!

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