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List of Pashmina Sellers

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In looking for pashminas to order, I saw a lot of different threads where girls had posted various online sellers they’d used…

So, since I made a list of them to check them all out, I thought I’d post it all in one place for easy reference…


For the Ebay sellers, the links don’t necessarily take you to the seller’s store…they may take you to an old listing…I copied and pasted these links to my “wedding to-do list” a while ago, but hopefully you'll get the idea:-)


I personally JUST ordered 16 pashminas from: (look under "scarves" on the site)

wholesale handbags designer style handbags evening handbags discount handbags purses jewelry and scarves


They were $3.95 US each plus only about $10 shipping…

While this site SAYS you need to order a minimum of 24 items, I e-mailed them and asked about ordering 16, and they e-mailed back to say they consider any orders between 12 and 24 to be wholesale, so they did it! You might just want to e-mail them first to confirm, but honestly – I had a great experience…I ordered them on Wednesday and they were delivered yesterday!)


*note for Canadian brides…I’m in Canada, but had them shipped to my FMIL in the States…(she says they’re a beautiful colour and feel like a good quality)…I’m not sure if they ship to Canada, but maybe another BDW member would take them for you and then ship them to you…?


Here is the list of Ebay sellers I compiled…obviously there are more, so feel free to add!



eBay Seller: onshopping888: Scarves Wraps, Wallets items on eBay.com



eBay Seller: purselover168: Clothing, Shoes Accessories, Toys Hobbies items on eBay.com


* for 16 pashminas, I was told shipping to Canada would cost $35 and shipping to the US would cost $23.95.



Soft Pashmina Cashmere Silk Wool Shawl Wrap Scarf SALE - eBay (item 190255353183 end time Oct-04-08 20:40:20 PDT)


* I asked this seller about just buying 16 pashminas, instead of bidding and he said he’d sell them to me for $5.99 CND/scarf, and shipping would be $39 CND. (! Eek – that’s a LOT in shipping charges!) Wuld probably be cheaper for those using American dollars:-)



eBay Seller: zenjen: Clothing, Shoes Accessories items on eBay.com



7 2Ply Faux Pashmina shawl wrap scarf WHOLESALE LOT - eBay (item 350110320025 end time Oct-24-08 17:55:12 PDT)


Hope this helps someone!

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