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Help me find this Bridesmaid Dress...

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I need your help - my MOH is in her sister's wedding and needs this dress sooner than David's Bridal can get it in:


David's Bridal Dress #83259

Color: Lapis

Size 4

Sash #83001


I figured it was a super long shot but you girls might be able to help - we have checked Ebay and Craig's List here but no luck - David's Bridal is saying at least 6 weeks and the wedding is Thanksgiving weekened girl_werewolf.gif.


Thanks in advance!


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alyssa, they can do a rush, i'm not 100% how much it cost, but i know for certain they can rush it in just a few weeks. i almost had to do this with my MOH dress.

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Originally Posted by 2bebridejamaica View Post
Hey Alyssia, did you have them do a store search through out the U.S.?? We had to do this for one of my BM's. Called the store that had it in stock and then they shipped it to me... Got it lastweek and only took 3 days for shipping from Kansas to Mass...
hey girl - yeah she did that and they told her it was completely OUT!
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oh good idea erin, all the DB dresses are sizeable up AND down 2 full sizes at least, so maybe alyssa or someone could find the right dress and color in a close size....

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