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Wedding Planning + Economy = Unhappy Bride

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#1 ColleenMarie

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    Posted 17 October 2008 - 12:31 AM

    Arrghgh! The economy is spoiling our wedding Let's get real for a minute, hasn't the downturn compromised anyone else's plans? My fiance got laid off the DAY we were going to book our villa We decided to postpone our wedding, originally May, 2009 and we are hoping to do October 09 now. Booh!

    #2 Yanell

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      Posted 17 October 2008 - 01:31 AM

      I completely empathize with you!

      I was told last week, might I mention the day before leaving on our 2nd scouting trip, that my job will be taken over by a company in Argentina come January 2009!!

      It's very scary and I think everyone is feeling the pinch! I know my guests certainly are! When we started making our plans for DW airfare was a little over $200 round trip from LAX to PVR and now the prices have doubled!! I know this will affect many of my guests, but you really have to look at the bright side!

      For us, it will make for a smaller more intimate affair! And for you and your fiance, you will have more time to plan and to take advantage of all the information and advice offered throughout this forum!

      Best of luck to you!

      #3 RedDiamond

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        Posted 17 October 2008 - 01:36 AM

        A lot of couples are going through this, and Yanell is right, people are dealing with it by having small intimate destination weddings.

        #4 beachbride08

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          Posted 17 October 2008 - 10:04 AM

          I can only imagine what brides who are just starting to plan are going through. We would have done a destination wedding regardless because it was the cheaper way to go, but I would imagine if I were planning now we would probably have less guests coming and I probably wouldn't have invited as many people to begin with. We were being nice by extending the invitation even though we knew extended family and not all of our friends could come. We would've saved ourselves money on STDs, invitations, and postage by limiting our guest list from the beginning. My uncle was laid off from his job over the summer, but he and my aunt hadn't booked yet. He ended up getting a new job so they were able to book in September. One of my co-workers was just laid off a week ago, but she is still coming to the wedding since her and her husband had already paid for their trips.

          #5 Jeremy_Gilliam

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            Posted 17 October 2008 - 11:43 AM

            Sorry to hear about your fiance being laid off in the midst of your planning postponing your marital bliss until October. It is hitting us wedding photographers as well. I have had multiple weddings postpone because of financial difficulties and it seems like engagements are longer to save up. Good luck to you guys!

            #6 **~Jenn~**

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              Posted 17 October 2008 - 11:53 AM

              I feel you on that!! My Company was just sold and we are on Pins & Needles praying that our jobs are safe.
              With my Wedding not fully paid off yet..It will have an effect on my plans, Big time :-(
              Also..Airfare from Philly is $700 or more right now and that is doubling the prices of everyones Trip. Which sucks, because I think Dreams is really a reasonable hotel for all that's included.
              I think we are all going through it right now...and even those not planning a Wedding. We can only hope it gets better from here right
              I know it sucks to have to postpone your Wedding, BUt the brightside is, you didn't have to cancel and you have more time to save and plan :-)
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              #7 Sloan

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                Posted 17 October 2008 - 12:15 PM

                FI and I both have jobs that aren't being effected by the economy. Our wedding is full steam ahead, but that being said we decided to have a no-frills wedding from the beginning. Im not doing anything over and above what the resort is offering us (no pro photog, no extra decorations for ceremony or reception, not upgrading anything - except having chair covers) I may do OOT bags, but Im lazy and probably wont. We only have 11 people coming with us to Jamaica - that's how the economy is affecting our wedding. Lots of our friends are being laid off within the next 3 months and my extended family cant afford to bring themselves because of various finanical situations. Kinda sucks that none of our friends/family (except for immediate family) are going to be there for our wedding, but its about us and not them ( I keep trying to tell myself that... ugh) and we're not having an AHR b/c that defeated the purpose of our no-frills wedding + laziness comes into the picture again, there's no way Im planning or paying for an AHR.

                #8 niels408

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                  Posted 17 October 2008 - 12:49 PM

                  I TOTALLY hear ya...we've almost canceled the wedding & just had one back home, but my fiance keeps reassuring me that we aren't changing what we want to do for our day b/c of all the havoc going on. The guests that originally RSVP'd for our wedding has dropped down to about half actually going now...our resort is closed (as of now), i feel some animosity from guests going just bc they are having to drop the $ for the trip, which makes me feel horrible! There are rumors that my company may be sold to one in India as well so I don't even know if I'll have a job come 1st of the year & my FI is a realtor, so we all know how that market is going right now!!!
                  It's tough for everyone & I picked the worst time ever to get married I feel like (due to economy)

                  #9 kate.com


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                    Posted 17 October 2008 - 05:07 PM

                    I hear you! I am stuck with unpaid rooms and a contract!
                    And now, I am being transferred to North carolina which I will have to do until after the wedding, which I leave for in 90 days so I dont have time to look locally or train for a new position.
                    Luckily, I get to commute for the first 90 days...and I'll deal with the rest after the wedding! Things will always come up, good and bad, regardless of the economy!

                    #10 Mel&B

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                      Posted 18 October 2008 - 09:06 AM

                      I hear you all too! So far, it's airfares that are killing me. The west coast to PVR is about $400 to $500, which isn't so bad. But I live in Atlanta and flights are $820 right now. I have no idea why this route became sooooo expensive, so I'm just hoping and praying prices come down. :)

                      Kate, I'm don't know where you were transfered to in NC, but everyone I know in Atlanta loves Ashville!!!

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