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Pro Pics - Finisterra Hotel - Cabo San Lucas 06.28.2008

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Shame on me for not posting these sooner - life gets hectic after a long dreamy vacation and having to adjust again to the real world!


I uploaded my propics to kodakgallery because they were easier to share that way.


I went with Bradley Fraser - very price friendly and a personable photographer


Great nice guy, met with me the day before and was concerned about my wants and needs. He does specialize in candid photography but I did tell him I prefer a little more of the posed picture and he took that into consideration.


One thing I realized is that 4 hours was not enough, I was running late and was not able to get any solo shots of myself before the ceremony but its not that big of a deal- by the time he was ready to leave and came to say goodbye, I could not believe it was already time! we still had not cut the cake so I regretfully missed out on pro pics of that.


You will notice that he took a lot of pictures of my guests as they were getting there food in a buffet style setting, I would have rather had more pictures of my husband and I mingling instead. I dont really see a use for those pictures after the fact but maybe it was his way of making sure he captured shots of all of our guests. That is really the only critical thing I have to say about Bradley.


Bradley is overall a great guy, good pictures and fair prices - I would give him a B


Here are the links for the kodakgallery:





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