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Background is Black instead of White~HELP

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I decided to try making my own monogram and it turned out pretty good (I think). I saved it as a jpeg and uploaded it to my newly constructed website. The only issue is that the entire background is now black instead of the white that I thought it was and that the screen shows. I tried resaving it and reformating but nothings working!


Does anyone have any ideas? Click the image to open in full size.

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Here are instructions on that:


In powerpoint, go to the "Insert" tab. Go down to "Picture" then "Autoshapes".


That brings up a little tool bar. The third one is "Basic Shapes". Click that and the first one is a rectangle. Format the rectangle to have a white (or whatever color) background with no lines (to format it, right click and select "format object" and make sure you are on the "Colors and LInes" tab).


Then, put your white rectangle behind your logo. You may have to right click and go to "Order" and then select "Send to Back" so that the rectangle is behind your logo.

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