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Today's Oprah-Are you rude?

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#21 DallasAshli

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    Posted 17 October 2008 - 01:24 PM

    there is a thin difference between the two if you are the one being wronged, but a huge-o-mungous difference when it is you doing the wronging
    So true! When you are wrong, it ranges from "i dont give a flip about you" to "oh, no, I didnt realize!"

    But what about the "Golden Rule" (treat others as you wish to be treated). Not everyone wants to be treated the same!! Good example - the 5 Languages of Love that was a thread this week.

    A bridal question - you're trying on dresses with a friend. You LOVE the dress you have on and gush about it. Your friend thinks it doesnt, um, flatter your figure. Would you rather her tell the truth or just pretend she likes it since you obviously LOVE it?

    Me - I would want her to be honest (and if I was the friend, I would be honest). But I know some people who would think her honesty would be rude!

    #22 bumbles

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      Posted 17 October 2008 - 02:03 PM

      I metro to work, and I hate it when the person sits next to me feels that it's ok to give himself extra room by moving into my half of the row of seats b/c I'm smaller. Give me my space

      #23 roo66

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        Posted 17 October 2008 - 05:58 PM

        I hate it when you go into a small shop it might just be you and them and they dont acknowledge you in anyway.As i leave i always say loudly well how rude were they,they couldnt even greet me.to make them think and me feel better.Last week i went out with a for a pub evening meal we were busy yaking my friend finished and i still had a good way to go (i guess it was me chatting and her with the bent ear)when the waitress who had took the order came and cleared her plate away she asked if we wanted the dessert menu or coffees and when we said no thankyou she said ill get the bill WTF i must add i got home at ten the pub still had people drinking!!!!!.My biggest hate is coworkers who just gripe all day long i hate this job, poxy job, i cant wait till the weekend moan moan moan they just bring everyone else down i spend more time at work than i do at home i want to be happy.I cured one when she kept saying ive had enough blah blah im going home in a minuite blah blah i said to her look you keep saying it and not doing it no one is going to believe you.you could hear the tumbleweed go by!!!!!its like stop making my life a misery you sad arse.go find someone elses day to ruin.i hasten to add there are two of them that are bitches united in there hatred of the job now i just get small digs in and no that next week someone else may be in there firing line.for months now a member of staff has told me to watch my back and last week i faced there venom in a meeting bitch 1 had called i took the bitching remained quiet all the while wanting to poke her in the eye with a sharp stick and calmly put my point across i know the boss was with me because she came and found me later and put her arm on mine and said are you ok hun i thought, well i am now you see the real picture.WOOPS THAT TURNED INTO A VENT.I ALSO HATE DOUBLE STANDARDS GOD I HATE IT SO MUCH TREAT ME HOW YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED PLEASE.VENT OVER.LOL

        #24 Sloan

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          Posted 17 October 2008 - 09:29 PM

          Originally Posted by TA Maureen
          I was in the hospital for hours last night with my father after his surgery. I hate that people can treat nurses and healthcare workers so poorly sometimes. My Dad was being a terrible patient and quite honestly freaking out on his nurse. I know it's because he was in pain and scared but it didn't mean I wasn't embarassed. My Mom and I pulled the nurse aside and apologized for him. We actually had to ask for anxiety meds for him which made things much better. I just know I spent a lot of time in the hospital this summer and I have a lot of respect for all the healthcare workers. Just wanted to say that!
          Thanks Maureen! Much appreciated! Although I do recognize that most of my pt's and families are just reacting as a stress response and are totally frightened, especially in ICU where most of my pt's are walking that fine line b/w life and death. I'd say 90% of people are decent and appreciative, but its that other 10% that treat us like shit and think I like being verbally/physically abused during a 12 hr shift. Oh well... looks like everyone encounters rudies at every job, right?

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