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Luggage tag / boarding pass Invites - need suggestions

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Hi all!


I am a new person to the forum. I am currently in the process of finalizing travel details with our travel agent, starting up our website, and trying to finalize the design of our invites.


My problem. We are trying to keep everything very simple, fun, but still have a touch of formality. We have finalized the design of the invites but I need some suggestions / help with what to say and whether we are missing anything on the actual paper invites.


We chose to send out invites immediately instead of Save the Dates with Invites later due to a deadline with booking the rooms in our room block.


The Invite001.pdf document shows a mock-up invite. We have a blank off-white card on the bottom with a Metallic Flame orange cardstock card attached ot it. The boarding pass, which is stamped in two colors of orange and copper, will go on top of the two cards. A piece of velum will be on top of the boarding pass and blank cards. On top of these will be a luggage tag with a touch of blue paper holding down the printed part and a piece of rice paper. All is attached with satin ribbon and a piece of yarn. Also, attached to the bottom corner of the velum is a small luggage tab that will act as a tab to lift the velum. That will be stamps with a stamp that has our wedding date and location.


Where I need suggestions: We are having a time coming up with wording for the luggage tag and boarding pass. We want enough information but not too much. We will have that on our website. Please look at the document called Tinasample2.pdf with a few of our thoughts and designs.


Please comment and suggest anything you like, dis-like or is missing.


Thank you in advance for everything. I look forward to the upcoming months sharing information with all of you.









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