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On Location Photography

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Aaron and I are trying to find a photographer to do "on location photography" within the next few weeks near our home. We have SOOOO many pictures of us posing and smiling and its boring, so we've decided to hire someone for candid photos. I noticed some of you have done this (and we also have some photographers on the forum). I was wondering what you can tell me about this - I honestly have no idea what to expect. If you don't mind sharing how much I should expect to pay - what is included (photos etc), and anything else you can tell me.


Thanks :)

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Hey Courtney, my rates for location type shoots is $300 for a 2 hour shoot. This comes with a proof book. Prints, and albums are available as well. I think that is about average.


Some photographers will have a lower "sitting fee" rate but then have higher print package prices. I choose to have a higher sitting fee and lower print prices. it all balances out.

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Originally Posted by TAMMYM View Post
Here is one I found.


Thanks Tammy! Lol - I guess great minds think alike. I already e-mailed these people. I'm just hoping to get a good idea of what to expect before I get her e-mail back. Keep 'em coming though - if you happen to come across any others! :)
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