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We lost another baby kitty today :( I'm devastated


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Some of you might remember over a month ago one of our cats died suddenly. And just a few weeks ago we got a new kitten for my DH who was devastated. We started with two brothers and one died and we got another boy. We had just named him Kairyn, Kai for short. Well yesterday he started acting funny. Just like our last kitten. He just was laying there. But we got him to drink water. I told my DH I wouldn't wait a few days this time and if he was still sick today I'd take him in. B/c it took 3 days with our other kitten.


I was only in bed a little while when little Kai started meowing. He likes to sleep under the blankets so it was weird he would meow. So I thought he might need to go potty. So I pulled him out and set him on the floor. But I didn't hear him leave the room. So I used my cell phone to see where he was and he was just crouched behind the door. So I picked him and put him back in bed. A little while layer he meowed again and again. So I took him out to the living room to put him in the cat bed out there. As I sat him down he couldn't move. He was limp. He couldn't hold his feet or head up. He just flopped over. My heart jumped and I ran back in the bedroom to wake DH. I knew it was bad. He felt a little cold too and he was leaking poo (Sorry tmi) out. So I cleaned him up and wrapped him a towel from the dryer and laid him in bed.


Sadly, we don't have an emergency vet anywhere close to us, and the vet doesn't open till 8. I was helpless. He couldn't hold his head up but really tried to look at me so I held his face close to me and kept petting him. His little body kept spasming and his head would arch backwards and his paws would claw at the air. Everytime it scared him and he would cry. And so would I. There was nothing I could do for him. So we just laid for hours face to face while I just talked to him and comforted him. Finally DH couldn't keep his eyes open so I told him to turn off the light. This seemed to calm Kai too. So I just petted him and held him. He started spitting and drooling a little. The spasms came closer together and then seemed to slow. I just closed my eyes for 20 minutes ( I had no sleep at all till then). Every so often I would put my hand on his ribs to see if he was breathing. Finally, he stopped. At about 4:45. At 5 he was gone. I woke up Dh and we found a box for him. At 6 my DH buried him next to our other kitty Erabos.


I can't figure out what happened. Our vet said Erabos probably ate our lilly houseplant. After that, we took all houseplants and chemicals out. We only use green products. I vacuum so there are no strings to ingest. The only chemical I can think of is our swiffer wet jet. But I don't know whats in it. We are more than devastated. Our other cat loki is fine. He was only 8-9 weeks old. It was horrible to sit from 11-5 am watching him die and I couldn't do anything. And I can't seem to stop crying. Anyways thanks for listening. Sorry it's so long. I'm hoping someone can figure out what's happening. I'm at work but I'll put a pic up later when I get home.

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I am so sorry to hear about your kittens. I wouldn't be able to stop crying if I were you either. Can the vet figure out what happened to the second kitten? There must be something they are getting into, it seems like too big of a coincidence to lose 2 kittens in such a short period of time. Good luck finding the answer, and again, I'm so sorry for your loss.

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Oh Calia, I'm so sorry! I've been through holding a pet that was passing, and I know how heart breaking it is.


If you can, see if the vet has some way of checking for FIV, it's like the human form of HIV and can get transferred very easily. If that is the case make sure everything in your house is clean and new (especially the litter box) before adopting a new kitten.


Where was the kitten from? He/she may have been sick the whole time. If it was a breeder/shelter/store be sure to let them know.

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