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Sandals Dunns River, Jamaica Review

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Sandals Dunns River

Sept 15th-23rd 2008




We booked the Roman Honeymoon Concierge Room in the Genoa building. I would say the concierge and 24 hour room service makes the room upgrade worth every single extra penny.


The bus ride, I honestly enjoyed, I know not many say that, but I really did. It was only 90 minutes and great views, I was snapping photos the whole way. But than again I love leaving the resort and seeing REAL Jamaica.


P.S. if you don't wanna tip the baggage handlers at the airport. Carry your own bags! You can so "no, thank you"...


Upon arrival I was whisked away to the concierge counter for private check in, while my new husband found our bags and got them off to the bell man. We were in our room, not 6 minutes after getting off the bus. After 18 hours of traveling from Oregon, we fell into the bed, ordered room service and napped till dinner time. Again, not all rooms have 24 hour room service.


The food was great at all the restaurants, never had to wait for a table. There are a few food items that are definitely better in the states, but remember its Jamaicans trying to cook American style food, not Americans cooking American food.


Loved the pizza, italian (made it there 2 times) and Kimonos (also, ate here twice). We never had lunch or dinner at the buffet restaurant, we had plenty of other choices. The breakfast buffet was ok, but my choice for breakfast was marco polos. No dress code for breakfast there and very little people. Often there was only one other table in use, while we dined for breakfast.


The staff was phenomenal! Always smiling, singing to themselves, saying hi, asking how everything is. Really everyone we encountered on the island was great, not just the staff. I did encounter one grumpy staff member at the pizzeria, but maybe it was a bad day for him....we all have them...


Florence and Neal (the concierege staff) thank you for helping us with everything, including our cabana rental!


I will say, be sure to keep your "do not disturb" sign up when your in your room, housekeeping does open the door quickly after knocking.


I loved the turn down service, they always came while we were at dinner and about every other night we got a cute note/memento with the turn down service . I think, when they take your room number at the restaurants they then call and let house keeping know your out of your room.


IT WAS A GREAT TRIP! I cant wait to return...I could not have imagined a better honeymoon...Feel free to email me any questions or comments you have, I want to help you make your trip as special as mine. shannonlrp@gmail.com


Also, feel free to email me for pictures of my trip and the beautiful resort

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