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Freeze-dried Petals?

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I was just informed that we will not be permitted to use silk petals due to our resorts environmental policy. In lieu of spending $40 per bag for fresh petals from the resort, I am trying to find the best source for freeze dried hydrangeas. Any suggestions?

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I looked into the petalgarden.com


Towards the end of their pages they have 49.95 (maybe less) for some that are for aisle (not perfect). They are 60 cups I believe...then they have the organza bags and premium ones for tables and such!


Hope that helps!


You can order samples too...to test your premium colors!

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I will definately check them out. Based on the added expense, I thinking that I would be willing to make some concessions and go with rose petals in an ivory/white/green mix. I found one website that carries both green and blue freeze dried roses for $16.95/8 cups ($99 for 64 cups), although I'm not sure if I'm sold on the green. I will definately order a sample to see what it looks like in person. Thanks for the suggestion!


Shop for Wedding Rose Petals - Studio FLauren

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