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JW Marriott, Wedding Slideshow and Sol Tamargo Photographer TIPS!

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Here's a new wedding! http://www.soltamargo.com/weddings/amy&jason


And this is my review and tips for future brides:


Wedding was held at the JW Marriott Cancun Gazebo, it is a beautiful gazebo with the blue ocean in the background. Staff is very professional, specially wedding coordinator Francisco Roman.


Amy & Jason planned on having a reception by the pool, but plan had to be changed as it started to rain. They quickly came up with a "back up" plan, and even though it wasn't what they initialy wish, it was ok, and a fun party.


Here's my advice for future brides having a ceremony inside a Gazebo:


There are 2 things that I can think of about a gazebo that you may not think about, and that can cause that your family and guests don't see the ceremony and to give your wedding photographer a hard time




Our eyes are perfectly designed to adjust and compensate the HUGE light difference between being inside or under a shaded area, and under sunlight. BUT.. Cameras aren't that good yet..., so to be able to take a good photo of what is happening inside the gazebo during ceremony, we have to "over expose the image" and this causes sky and ocean blew away..., unless we use an off camera flash inside the gazebo, but may be intrusive, and you don't want to see a flash going on in your face during ceremony.


SOLUTION: If you are getting married in a gazebo, try to stand as outside as possible, avoid the center or even worst the back of the gazebo, because it will be so hard to take the photo (unless photographer is inside.... but I don't like that...)




This is another situation that can be managed better than it is most of the cases, and if done it right, your family & guests will be able to enjoy your ceremony, and actually see what is going on during it, and your photos will also be great.


At this particular wedding Amy & Jason had 5 bridesmaids and 5 groomsmen, and everybody was inside the gazebo..., on top of that, the minister that conducted ceremony was standing in front of bride & groom..., so ask me how much I struggle to get this shoots!, I was all around trying to find a good spot to photograph the vows, sand ceremony and rings exchange, it was very hard..., and I am almost sure that parents and other guests couldn't see this...


SOLUTION: We already talk about how much better is that bride & groom stand as outside the gazebo as possible,...

Then, have your bridesmaids and groomsmen stand outside, as if it wasn't a gazebo at all..., possible lined up to the right and left, and make sure talk with the Wedding Coordinator to have the minister standing on one side as well, and not so close!... they have a microphone, so no need to have them in your face...


If you are getting married in a Gazebo, use this tips, a wedding ceremony is usually a short and SO important moment, that goes away in a blink , .. so make sure your family can share the moment with you and enjoy it, on top of that your photographer will deliver better stuff...


Enjoy the photos!!!, use the tips!!!



PS Excuse my "not perfect at all english, I'm sure I have lots of spelling errors.. sorry..

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