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Centerpiece Flower - HELP

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I have purchased these vases from IKEA and took them down to Cabo already. I am trying to order flowers for these to put on the long reception table. I have 6 total vases and they are 14" tall and few inces in diam. I want to be sure that the flowers are nice and tall and the MUST BE Fushia in color.


The email I got from the Flower Cart said this:

"Option 1: fushia alstromeria tall 10 to 12 stems per vase, if you purchase the alstromeria by the bunch and put it in the vases yourself it's $10 a bunch with 10 stems per bunch.

Option 2: Stargazer lilies $40 a bunch with 10 stems per bunch and 2 to 3 flowers per stem, $40 per bunch

Or you can combine the lilies and the alstromeria together in your vases, both have long stems."


SOOOO my question is how may bunches do you think I should order and do you think I should go with both flowers or only one vs. another?



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Those are the exact 2 kinds of flowers I ordered from there, so if you want pics you can look at my album. However, I never mixed them and I didn't put them in vases either.


The lillies are large and dramatic - I'm sure they would look great. I would also probably fill in with some greenery. We used Israeli Ruscus (just do a google image or look at my photos) and Tea Leaves. They are cheapo.


Alstromeria kinda look like mini-lillies, but they are not big and bright and dramatic. We used them for boutennieres only.


Have you considered gerbera daisies too? I think Christa used them last weekend, and Natasha too.

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I would do the lilies- they are large and showy and you would probably put 2 or three stems in the vase with greenery. Definitely get greenery. I would get at least two colors of greenery and they have to be different in shapes. Just to add contrast.


SOOO... 6 vases and 2 or 3 stems per vase= 12 or 18 stems so... just to be safe I would order 2 bunches. That would give you 20 stems to work with.


Also make sure you ask if all 2 or 3 flowers in each stem will be fully open as this will make a difference.

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I was going to suggest the gerber daisies too, they have long stems and come in fuschia and are so pretty.


Personally, I wouldn't do alstromeria, they're a smaller flower and to me almost seem really fragile.


I think the lilies will look beautiful! You can't go wrong with lilies!

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