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Plastic Luggage Tags...Where are they?

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I have tried to search for this on here, but haven't come up with any answers.

Can you girls tell me where you bought the plastic Luggage tags? I tried a google search but they were so expensive...Is there a certain place where you bought them?


Thanks :-)

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Originally Posted by syl1115 View Post
Are you talkling about the kind that get laminated? If so, you can get them from Kinkos, staples or eBay.
No...I am talking about the plastic tags that you can make your own insert for...But that is a good idea too..Thank!!

Originally Posted by jkcz0702 View Post
We are got ours at office max 100 for $10.
Oohh Really?? That is an awesome Price! Thanks!!
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OOOOO I am going to be putting up my planning thread this week and I made mine through staples.. they are self laminating. One side is sticky and the other isnt but they have worked out awesome for my 3D stickers.. I think I spent about 30 bucks for all my luggage tags. Look towards the end of the week to see how they came out.

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