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Rehearsal Dinner Location


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Hi, Ladies,


I wondering about locations that some have used or others are thinking about using for rehearsal dinner. Our actual ceremony will be at a vacation rental but I'm thinking about finding a local restaurant to have a rehearsal dinner at and wanted to hear your opinion.


We will be staying, as most of our bridal party, on the north shore. There aren't that many places easily findable via world wide web but I would love to hear any ideas or experiences. Thanks in advance!

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Jamesons by the Sea or Haleiwa Joe's.


Everything up there is VERY casual and while you probably won't come away thinking it was the best meal ever...both places are fun. I'd probably lean towards Joe's.


For better food and more choices you'd have to head down towards Honolulu or maybe go over to a place in Turtle Bay Resort.

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Hi PrincessIna,


There were only two of us, Jed and myself so we did not need to make reservations. We liked the food and the atmosphere. It is quite friendly. We came from the beach and I was wearing beach attire (not bikini though) and they were cool about it. We were there at noontime. Flies can be a problem on the NOrth Shore. At first we didn't believe this but it is true. We ate outside and there were quite a number of them! So if you are going to be there during the day, don't eat outside if flies bother you.


I just realized that you will be there for dinner so perhaps flies shouldn't be too much of a problem.


BTW, who is your hairdresser and make-up artist? Do you want to be airbrushed? I can recommend Jacque Rojas if you don't need to be airbrushed.

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