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How much is your wedding costing you?

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Originally Posted by AnaSteele58 View Post



Good advice in regards to not using flowers.  I'm thinking of doing parasols and centerpieces without flowers.

That's a good idea. For centerpieces I'm planning on getting lanterns and maybe getting some fake flowers to put them in vases with water (so that it's not that obvious that they are fake haha). Ask your hotel if you're planning on using vases, sometimes previous brides leave theirs behind so you can use them. 

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Originally Posted by FireyNurse View Post


We didn't have a strict budget, or any budget for that matter, for the wedding but knew we wanted to DIY some things (invites and centrepieces, etc) and then splurge on other parts (photography and extending our reception) my mom was kind enough to help us out and pay for the photographer and she also paid for some of my dress. Otherwise this was all us and I am proud to say we had not a cent of debt when it was all over and done! What we started with budget wise was just wanting prices for our guests to be under $1500 per person and we went from there....


$4100 travel (this was 2 weeks all inclusive of hotel/flights/drinks/food and this included a free upgrade to first class both ways and an ocean view suite - 1 week wedding and 1 week honeymoon)

$4400 wedding package - meals/drinks/decor/flowers/ipod and speaker hook ups and extra reception hours

$2790 wedding photography and TTD

$2500 wedding videography

$600 for outside vendor rooms

$1350 dress and alterations

$250 for bridal extras

$450 grooms outfit

$260 girls dresses

$250 mens pants

$100 gifts for party

$50 favors

$100 centerpeices

$1000 wedding bands


for a total of $18,200


Those were our major costs, I didn't account for the extras like all the paper and such that I had to purchase for the DIY invites, menu cards, guest book and little things like that, I could probably throw in another $200-$400 to cover those little things. I also did not include my engagement ring as it was a purchase made individually by my husband and I do not know what it cost or anything.


We felt like under $20,000 was a fantastic price for the wedding of our dreams which also included a week of fun with our loved ones and then another week of relaxation for us! Doing it at home would have been a one day deal and people still would have had to pay for travel to the wedding, this way everyone really got their money's worth for traveling! 

thanks for the breakdown - we are also firm on our guest budget staying at 1500 (possibly 1600). Where is your wedding? We are expecting 35-40 ppl so it's interesting trying to find a locatin that doesn't have huge per plate extra costs for the reception!

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Originally Posted by Mufin1785 View Post


Here is our final total for our Wedding at Melia Caribe Tropical with reception on La Barcaza


Catholic Wedding Ceremony in Gazebo: $920.00

Music Trio                                                 $270.00

Horse and carriage                                    $75.00

Bouquet                                                      $36.00

Parasols                                                     $60.00

Brides Attire:                                              $520.00

Grooms Attire:                                           $40.00

Bridesmaids Attire                                     $340.00

Groomsmen Attire                                     $352.00

Sand Ceremony Kit                                   $36

Cake                                                           part of Package

boutinere                                                    part of package

Extra guests                                              $96

Reception                                                  $1820.00

Photgrapher and Video                             $2450.00

Reharsal Dinner                                         part of Package

Airfare for me and hasband                        $1470

5 night resort Stay                                      $2350

Welcome Bags                                           $245

Cake Topper and cake decoations                                                 

This looks lovely! LOL how many people do you have for guest list?

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Here's our approximate budget for our wedding at the Now Jade. This is for 25 adults.


Wedding dress/alterations/accessories - $2000

Suit/Mens Accessories - $500

Wedding Party Attire - $500

Save the dates/invites/thank-you's/postage - $400

Photographer - $2800

Videographer - $3300

Wedding rings - $1500

All-inclusive fees - $2900

Wedding package fees - $3000

Kids meals at reception - $100

Additional hour of partying - $500 (only 3 hrs included in our package)

Welcome bags for guests - $200

DJ - $1000


Total: $18,600. (it adds up fast!)


I didn't include any excursion costs, spa visits, or costs for clothing for a week in the sun. I'm also trying to find my dress used, which will help take another $1000 off the total.

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