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PV Wedding...budget?

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I recently joined the forum and was amazed by all the wonderful weddings/pictures I ran across. I am planning a wedding in 2010 in Puerto Vallarta (no other details have been decided) for approximately 60 guests and would like to set a realistic budget...but have no clue where to start or even have a reference point as I don't know anyone that has done a destination wedding.


Would any of you be willing to share/provide some input on what I can realistically expect to spend on a destination wedding/reception in Puerto Vallarta? I've really liked wedding pictures from the following locations:


Mayan Palace (Amy's pictures were amazing)

Any of the private villas -Casa Valerie, Hacienda San Angel


Anyone willing to share their budgets are for any of these locations?

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Hi Selene,


I'm planning a wedding for November 2009 in PV and we're just starting to make decisions, so I can't give you any set in stone numbers. What I've found is that it ranges a lot - you can spend as much as the average US wedding, or a lot less, it mostly depends on where you want to have it and how detailed you get (and how many people come!)


I haven't looked at the Mayan Palace or at Casa Valerie, but what I know (and what some of the planners have told me) about Villas is that they generally are more expensive. Partly because you need to bring in more furniture/tables/chairs, etc. and partly because most owners charge a higher fee for a wedding. If you want to stay there as well, there's usually a 3-5 night minimum, so it's definitely something to factor into your budget. The weddings often look gorgeous though!


Hacienda San Angel is actually a boutique hotel. THe rooms are pretty pricey, but you can just use the venue. They charge a usage fee and then have rates for the bar, menus, etc. I've been in contact (e-mail) with Janice, and she says that they're willing to work with outside planners, if you're using one. If you want to pm me, I'll send you more detailed information from the e-mail she sent me :) Hope that helps a little.

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