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Any October 2009 Brides???

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I'm also October 09 bride. We've already started planning. We booked at Azul Sensatori departing on September 29th (wedding date is Oct. 3rd). Because we're having a massive reception when we get back, we had to make some progress on the planning front there too.


Basically all we've done is select / book a resort, schedule our wedding day, create a wedding website, and design our boarding pass invitations.


When are you getting married? Have you decided on a location?


So far I have been enjoying the planning. Hopefully that won't change.


I think you can never plan too early. But with DW's you don't always need to plan far ahead either since it's a little more casual.


:) Welcome.

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Well, I did reserve Riu Caribe for October 30, 2009. I wanted a Saturday but they were all booked.

I did figure out the colors. Burnt orange, wine and a touch of yellow. Imagine those colors while getting married at sunset. I'm so excited!!

I've made a rough draft of my STDs but I'm waiting on my sister in law to make me a monogram.


Let's make ourselves timelines or something, keep us all on track.


After you all pick a location, what's next on your timeline?

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We are the last week of September and have done almost nothing. :)


We are going to try to get talking to everyone and Save the Dates done and out over Thanksgiving...we are laggers! Haha.


I do like the idea of a timeline.


I picked colors...yellow even thought I know that is a summer color I am going for it haha!

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MAK and MissLucky7Bride- I'm getting married October 24, 2009, too! We are date triplets!


We have booked our wedding date at the resort, booked a TA to help with travel arrangements, made a website, bought my dress, and started to design our invitations. That's really it! I've been in contact with the photographer we are hoping to book but haven't actually booked yet.


Our next plan of action is STDs and invitations. I don't know if we should send STDs now and then send more travel information with the invitations, or if we should send travel info with the STDs.

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Hello there.

Another October 2009 bride there.

We picked a place - Riu Palace Las Americas, we picked a date. Awaiting to confirm the date with hotel - waiting for the airfare to come out in November.

Since we're having a very small wedding, we're doing it in the middle of the week. Which will give us some time to relax after wards.

That's pretty much it for planning.

I've been looking at tons of pics online (well...here I mean :)) for bouquets, photographers.

cdc0427 - I really like your idea of colors - orange, wine and yellow... I may add pink to the bouqet.


I'm not going to do official invitations or save the date cards. But I do like the idea of monogram. My FI promised to create it.


Oh - and I got THE DRESS! :)



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