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Trying be realistic on our budget..

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Hi everyone, so lately our budget is looking pretty grim. My FI and I are having intense conversations about our wedding, and its not fun times.


So who better than all of you to get some info from :)


We orginally were planning for a Hawaii wedding, and having an at home reception. But we simply are not going to be able to afford it. We are paying for the wedding ourselves. We may be getting some help from his parents for the at home reception, a couple thousand dollars.


Our budget is a minimum of $5000, or a maxium of $8500. That is for the wedding, AHR, and honeymoon.


Here are some extra thoughts/facts.


* It will only be us two at the ceremony, and we would like it to be on a beach someplace.

* The AHR is 80% decided to be at his parents house.


Ideally, my FI would like to cut out the AHR and just get married. But given the things Ive been through in the last year I really would like that celebration at home with friends and family. Especially since it will only be us two at the wedding.


I suppose if it comes down to it, than we could just have a small wedding and reception at home. With like 50 people.


I think it just feels overwhelming that the AHR is looking like it could cost just as much as the wedding/honeymoon.


I had my heart set on Hawaii, so now other places just dont feel like I want them. I know Im just being a brat though. I really would like a place where we can explore and not be secluded to just a resort.


Any input, advice, suggestions you have are greatly appreciated!

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I know you may have your heart set on Hawaii, but try and consider someplace that you get more for your money. I wanted Someplace like that too, but knew it was out of the question. Also I wanted special people in my life to be with us so we picked the Riviera Maya, Mexico. We have about 30 people going and its just going to be a blast. I knew if I wanted to have people at our wedding I would have to pick a place that was an all inclusive resort, people get more for your money that way. Maybe do Hawaii for your anniversary? As far as your AHR you really wouldn't need one if you picked a wedding destination that people could afford. Or how about waiting to have your AHR three to four months after you get home from your wedding? I notice alot of people are doing this because it so costly to go away now. We haven't decided yet, but we may have something small in October of 09. We are getting married at Dreams Resort and Spa in the Riviera, Maya, and may have an AHR in Sept. or Oct. Hope the suggestions have been helpful.

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Well we are 100% sure that the wedding will only be him and I. I do not have any parents, so I prefer its just the two of us so I dont get to overlyemotional in a sad way.


So I dont have to worry about going someplace where the guests can afford it. Which is why the AHR is the part where our friends and family can celebrate with us.

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So I'm off to Hawaii for my wedding and HM in 4 weeks. My fiancee and I and are footing the bill for everything. Did I mention that I lost my job last month. Well, you still have plenty of time to coordinate and cost comparison.


Truth be told, we can't afford a huge big elegant wedding...however, my amazing, wonderful, thoughtful, and supportive FI always says, "Things will work out. Think positively. It always comes together in the end."


We originally planned for a group of 50 on the Big Island and a two week HM on Maui. That was 8 mos ago. I found an amazing WC through referral and now we have a close group of 24 booked in South Maui and will HM in West Maui for 4 days and the remainder on Kauai.


I will admit that I had to get rid of a couple of things I thought were really important like the DJ/MC or the videographer, but the cost savings to spend 7 additional days with my new husband in a tropical paradise is worth the price.


I think if you have your heart set on the Hawaiian islands, then you should look into it. I'd be happy to refer you to my WC. PM me.

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I can totally understand why you want it to just be the 2 of you... I am in the same boat and everyday I think about how ALL of Jays family is going to be with us on our wedding day and I have NO ONE!! BLAH.. enough bout that though.


Budgets are tough in general right now.. with the way the market is and how the rest of the world is dealing with it... it's just not pretty. One thing Jay has told me ... do the things that are the most important to you... get rid of the smaller stuff because it's really not going to matter anyway.


We are having our AHR in at the end of January and we are getting married in less than 30 days. With the holidays going to be in full swing once we get back from our HM... all bets were off in trying to have something during DEC. This way with it being in January, it gives people a reason to get out and not have the winter blues. We have 100 people and it's in a small ballroom at a Steakhouse. By finding somewhere not so traditional, it has saved us big time, and gives us a chance to get some money lined up to pay for the AHR. We are doing everything ourselves and even with the 10K loan.. no CC.. just depleating the savings and knowing that a loan is a better way to go than a CC. But it is truely frustrating.. I hope my rambling helped.

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I feel you girls on this one...We are also paying for this ourselves and what I originally thought would be SOO much cheaper is turning out to be the same amount of money as the traditional wedding we had planned. However..I do feel we are getting more for our buck this way! :-)

We are cutting out alot of stuff that isn't important. My wedding package comes with a 30 minute DVD and that is just fine with me. I really just want our ceremony. I am up in the air in regards to a photographer. I want one....but I cant afford to spend tons of money...so I may just use Dreams Photographer as well and buy the CD with all the pictures and try to fix them myself.

I'm also trying to decide between a DJ Vs. iPod....Which will only be a small savings since te Bose system is $400, Plus I don't have an iPod (I have an iPod Shuffle) So thats $600...I think for 2 more hundred I can get the DJ the whole night.....

I dont know...We are just going to save for the next couple months and after the holidays i will figure this all out. It's hard because I have so many ideas....and it all depends on Money and lack of!!

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My FI and I are paying for our wedding as well. We too wanted to go to get married in Hawaii just to two of us and then do something here. When we started talking about how much we wanted to spend, well that kind of took Hawaii out of the options. If you still want to do a beach wedding, how about considering somewhere in Mexico or the Carribbean for just the two of you on the beach which will be much less than going to Hawaii. That way you two can get more for your money and even some all-inclusive options.

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