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Wedding Party uneven - OK?

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My FI just told me he wants to have 8 groomsmensmile43.gif


I have always planned to just have my 3 sisters and have my niece be a jr. bridesmaid. I'm am not going to try to come up with 4 more random people. Do you think this will be ok or will it just look crazy lopsided?

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I am only having three people and my fiance is having 8 or 9. I will not be asking anymore people to be in my wedding so we are going to work with the numbers we have. I don't think it will look silly at all. You can come up with a creative way to have them walk down....that's what we're doing. If I come up with something, I'll let you know. :)

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My brother had 2 GM for each BM, 2 Best Men, 1 MOH, and even 2 ringbearers and 1 FG ... it worked out perfectly, and was unplanned.


SIL even has '2 dads' her bio-dad and a step who raised her ... the pictures were really nice and balanced looking too.

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