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Are you going to be in a certain area, or all over down there?


Some quick recommendations though:


Playa Del Carmen

Babe's Noodle Bar- Casual type place with awesome asian influenced food

Alux - Restaurant inside a cave that turns into a low key bar at night. Decent food there but the cave setting is the real draw


Playa del Carmen Restaurants



Soliman Bay:


Oscar Y Lalo's - Great beach front Restaurant. They filmed some of the corona commercials at the beach here




La Buena Vida - Great beach front restaurant. Very good food there

La Lunita - More delicious beach front dining. You can have a table on the beach under the moonlight if you want.


Akumal Restaurants


Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. If you have any specific things you are looking for or locations, I would be glad to give some more detailed advice. My favorite places are the hole in the wall types that Gringos usually dont go to, but I know my way around the nice places also.

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I live in Playa del Carmen near 30th Avenue. 5th Avenue is the main drag for tourists and 30th is the main drag for locals. Here you'll find some of the best restaurants with really great prices.


At the corner of 30th and Constituyentes are three great places:


Nativo (1/2 block N on 30th) - great food (good breakfasts), great smoothies but no coffee.


Cactus (1 block N on 30th) - the menu del dia for 65 pesos is wonderful. A choice between two appetizers and a main course with drink


Cocina El Paso (1/2 block S on 30th) - A real mexican hole in the wall lunch place for the adventurous. 35 pesos menu del dia (choice of three dishes with drink). Some of the best food I've had, cooked by Mom and daughter, served by the son. Open noon - 4PM.

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Jason, THANK YOU!!!! You must be a foodie! I think that I can assume that Dreams Tulum has great food, too?? It is on our list to visit while visiting. We are going to be up and down the coast, staying at Grand Oasis Riviera maya but planning on spending most of our time outside of the hotel. My fiance is def. not your average gringo! When in Puerto Vallarta this Jan. we went on quite the hike one night to find the perfect hole in the wall and we LOVED it!!! Any suggestions??



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For restaurants right around the GORM there are a few great options


1. My favorite... Lucy's Tacos. In the small commercial center near the beach in Akumal. The absolute best shrimp tacos, empanadas and homemade ice cream in the world. Cheap cheap cheap too. Lunch for two of us was under 10 dollars total. Its just a little tiny building with no indoor seating. Plastic tables and chairs on a patio to sit at and eat.


2. Loncheria Economica. Lunch counter in Akumal right near Lucy's. Amazing food for dirt cheap. This place is no frills also, but the food is good enough that it doesnt matter.


3. La Buena Vida. Right in Akumal also. They actually have indoor dining there also! That is something I usually avoid on vacation but thankfully they have a beautiful outdoor area as well.


If you guys have a rental car, Tulum Pueblo has what in my opinion is some of the best hole in the wall places to eat. The main drag through town has some great spots, but the side streets have some real hidden gems.


If you haven't already, consider buying the Can-Do map of the Riviera Maya and the one for Playa Del Carmen also. Those maps are worth their weight in gold. Unbiased reviews and prices of just about every restaurant and attraction down there. Karen and I found some great restaurants because of the reviews on the map.


And yes, we are foodies! Fortunately, we appreciate churros from a street cart as much as we appreciate fine dining.

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Oh, I love Babe's Noodle House! I also enjoy 100% Natural in Playa.

And yes, Maggie, Dreams does have great food. It's actually the best food I've had at an AI. With the exception of the Brazilian restaurant at Grand Oasis. Not for the faint of heart.

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OK, if I'm going to pick one in Playa del Carmen that's special it would be H&C Super Carne. They have one thing on the menu, arrechera. It's a marinated steak. You have a choice of potato or onion on the side and I recommend 1 person getting the onion to share. This is a special treat meal that I go for every couple of weeks. It's on Calle 1 Sur and Avenida 25. It's near the Playacar entrance and the small airstrip.

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ok, I now you guys can help me out as well and I trust your advice!! We are planning on booking with Secrets Capri for our wedding and accomodations. We would really like to have a "welcome dinner/ rehersal dinner" for all of our guests and need some suggestions of great places. I am assumin mst places are going t serve authentic Mayan or Mexican food, but we are open to different types of food. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I would love to get do something like the Lobster cruise in Cancun for everyone but at $70 a person, that is a bit out of our budget.


Thanks again!!

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The Brazilian restaurant at the GORM?? I hope so!!!!!!! It sounds like their are plenty of great restaurants... I am soooooooo excited!!!!!


Like Amy, I too could use some suggestions for the welcome dinner!


You guys are awesome...thanks for your help!!!

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