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So I spent my day off today with my future mother in law looking for invitations (I know I am crazy). I found a invite I LOVE but really can't afford so I looking up how to do it myself but I can't find raffia paper if anyone has used it or knows where to get it please, please help I am desperate



Pool with White RSVP - Paper Source

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If you run out of options, you could actually use burlap fabric and acheive the same look. You could stiffen up the fabric either by using a really heavy starch and an iron or by dipping it in a dilute solution of elmers glue and water.


Then you could attach the card with glue dots.

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This is funny, this is my invite inspiration as well. It took me hours to find the paper. It is called Japanese Woven paper (also called Japanese Cane and Herringbone) and the only place I have found it you have to buy 5 sheets and they are $98 for the 5. Here is the website.


Japanese Cane - Basho/Herringbone Weave - 37 1/2 x 25 1/2 - 80gsm - 5 Sheets


I bought this and put together my mock invite this weekend and went back to the store to check the Encore one again and this is the exact paper. Some of the others you see (like on Kates) are different textured. This one is exact. I went to Kinko's and asked them to use their large cutter (free) and spent 2 hours cutting it to invite size.


The pocket on this invite, I cannot find, but envelopments has one very similar.



Also, if you liked this Encore invite, check these out for further inspiration (the 7th one down in the gallery)


RedBliss Custom Invitations, Red Bliss Wedding Invitations


Good Luck! you and I will have the same ones....great minds think alike!

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Cute idea! I would check out Michael's and Joanne's in the Scrapbooking Dept. If not try a local scrapbooking store- if they don't have it they can probably order it for you.


My good friend used Japanese Crane Paper (similar if not the same) but it was pretty $$$.

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