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Playa Del Carmen to Ruins?

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which ruins? tulum is about an hour south. there are other ruins nearby, like coba. i don't know about coba, but in tulum you are not allowed to have wedding photos done.


there are also small plots of ruins about 10 minutes from town. basically, you would just take the main road going into town and take it south. by foot it's about 10-15 minutes. by cab, 5. i didn't take any pictures of them but i believe there are 3 sites total. they are pretty small though.. i think it's mostly the foundations of old buildings.

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Originally Posted by Maybride2009 View Post
I would really like to have some photos done there the day after the wedding.
Any Advice?
Sorry to tell you but Mexican law forbids any wedding photos to be taken at historic ruin sites. It was totally what we wanted too. wink.gif

BUT there are a few smaller ruins that are not historic sites that some of the local photographers can take you to? Who is your photographer?
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Oh bummer, that's what I was afraid of. They would have made really cool shots!

My photographers are actually friends of mine that are coming to the wedding as guests and just being kind enough to take photos...the are actually really fantastic photographers so I got lucky!


I am going to check out the smaller ruins and see if there is any chance of getting a few nice photos if that is allowed.

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if it's any kind of fancy dress, they'll know what you are doing and stop you before you even enter. My husband got stopped and he was just in pants and a white shirt. Sorry.

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There are some great smaller ruins within a short walk of the Playa del Carmen ferry pier that you use when you go to Cozumel. The pyramids directly face the ocean and are located at Xaman in the housing community of Playacar Phase 1. They are not large but they are great for doing wedding pictures as we often use them for our clients who are looking for those types of pictures.

There is security at the entrance to Playacar but if you walk in, you will have no problem. If you use a taxi, you can try telling the guards that you are looking to take a tour of Playacar Phase 1 to look for villas that you are interested in renting the next time you come down. Security at the gate is more vigilant these days but if you do not want to worry about that, just have your taxi drop you off in front of the McDonalds located right next to Playacar Phase 1 and then walk in (security is more worried about cars then people walking in.) The pyramids are about 2 to 3 city blocks distance from the front gate. Just head for the ocean front and you will walk right into them.


Good luck with your pictures.

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