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Sandals Antigua HM booked, thanks to TA Jennifer!


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So I am SOOO excited - a few days ago we finalized plans for our honeymoon in Antigua!! We will be staying at the Sandals Grande Antigua Resort there, which is renowned as "The World's Most Romantic Resort". We booked the MonteCarlo Honeymoon Oceanview Suite (which is in the new mediterranian village), and I could not be more excited! This is the website: Antigua Wedding & Honeymoon Vacation - Sandals Grande Antigua Resort. We will be flying home to San Antonio from Cancun 2 days after our wedding, then flying to Antigua the next day (May 27) and will be staying 6 nights, departing June 2. This resort has also gotten awesome reviews on TripAdvisor, a lot better reviews than some of the other Sandals resorts and other random resorts I had looked at.


Sandals Antigua is a little more than we had originally budget for, and the flights to get there take all day from the US (we're talking 5:30 AM to 10 PM arrival), but I know it will be SO worth it! At first we couldn't decide where we wanted to HM after our Cancun wedding, but we knew we wanted an AI (our resort in Cancun is non-AI), and adults/couples only. We also wanted somewhere semi-excluded from tourist traps, and the beach/ocean quality was our top priority since all we want to do is lounge around the beach and enjoy the beautiful scenery. For a while we thought Antigua was going to be out of the question due to horrendously long and expensive flights, but it was always our number one choice.


Anyway...TA Jennifer from this forum, who works for Sand and Sun Vacations is who I owe all my happiness to! I asked her for help and she helped me narrow it down to Sandals Jamaica Whitehouse or Sandals Royal Bahamian, or Sandals Antigua. We seriously went back and forth for WEEKS AND WEEKS as she quickly responded to every single one of my emails, looked up countless flights for me, etc. The flights there were a HUGE pain to book b/c you have to book each different flight seperately or something like that, and I would have been SO confused and lost if it hadn't been for her helping me! And I really could never have decided on a place without her - there are just too many beautiful places on this earth that I want to see! So anyway, she is a Sandals and St. Lucia specialist so if you are considering using a Sandals resort, I would definitely contact Jennifer because she will be honest with you about the resorts, and she really knows her stuff. PLUS, I only had to pay for flights plus a $200 deposit upfront (which is less than the $400 deposit you pay if you go directly through Sandals). TA Jennifer is so professional and kind, I just can't say enough great things about her! hug2.gifI'm so excited to go on my dream Honeymoon...I wish it was here already!!

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