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Your Favorite Cake Flavor? What Are the Options?

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Rum cake is really good, but not everyone knows how to make it properly. So, you have to be really careful with this of cake.


Here are some problems that you can encounter with this type of cake:

- no taste

- too strong

- too doughy

- too many fruit

- too dense

- frosting too sweet/no flavor


In the past, I've eaten many rum cakes that were really great to really disgusting. If your baker can provide a small sample, please try it first.


FYI, American style fruit cake (http://tippinthescales.files.wordpre.../fruitcake.jpg) is not Jamaican rum cake. Jamaican style rum cake is not Tortuga rum cake (http://www.bluemountaincoffeebeans.c...ugaRumCake.jpg), which is golden.. Jamaican rum cake is black (aka black cake) (http://www.freewebs.com/marshasjamai...all_edited.jpg).

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