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three years away - how's that for early planning ?


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Hey folks,


My name is Theresa and I am from Nova Scotia, Canada. My FI and I are planning on getting married on 11/11/11 (that way he can never forget our anniversary or what year we got married;-). I know that is a long way off but we are sure we want a DW and we are pretty sure we want it to be in Jamaica. One reason would be ease of documents (no translations, etc).


From what we have looked at so far, we are thinking Sandals Dunns River but nothing is set in stone - I have 1127 days to change my mind a million times!


But I thought since I was browsing here, I might as well join early and learn all that I can.


With all this information, it may take me three years to go through it all!

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Hey!!! I used to live in Wolfville until this summer, we were practically neighbours! Welcome to the forum. This is the best one out there. You can never be too early to start thinking about what you want, in my opinion. We used Lisa Geddes in Halifax as our travel agent. She is supposed to be really good with wedding groups. If you want her info send me a message. Good luck!

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