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**Ann, bouquet ideas**

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These are all gorgeous! I'm not usually a fan of blue flowers, but the touch of blue hydrangeas looks great. You seem to be good with flowers....any suggestions for me? I'm pretty sure my bridesmaids will be in a bright blue torquiose (spelling?) color. I like roses, but not sure I want them for our DW... although I wouldn't be opposed to a couple if mixed with other more "tropical" flowers. Any help would be great! Thanks!

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I noticed that the colors you're interested in for your bouquet are really similar to mine...thought I'd post a couple just so you could see them.


This first one was taken right after the ceremony...that goofy smile I have is a mixture of happiness and relief! lol!


SmugMug - steve horvath (stevehorvath) : Rachelle & David's Wedding



These other pics are actually from my bridal portrait session...my mother really wanted formal bridal pics. So this was an entirely different bouquet...the main difference being that there are hydrandgeas (sp?) in this one where there are peonies in the one from the wedding.


SmugMug - steve horvath (stevehorvath) : Rachelle's Bridal Portraits



SmugMug - steve horvath (stevehorvath) : Rachelle's Bridal Portraits

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