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Family Not Supportive of Riviera Maya Wedding

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#31 rach220

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    Posted 27 October 2008 - 12:35 AM

    My family was the same way!

    We actually comprimised a bit in order to please people...we are getting married in the summer when it is easier for people to get time off from work, but we are taking our chances with hurricane season.

    It was hard for us because we really wanted to get married in Mexico, and we really wanted our close friends and family there. Deciding which was more important was hell...in the end, we decided that the wedding was about us, and we should do what makes us happy. Anyone who cares about us enough will make the effort to be there. We only booked our trip last weekend, so no one else has booked their trips yet, but everyone has enough time to plan and save...(our friends have been saving since we got engaged, because we knew then that we wanted to do a DW)...we are planning to see about 15-20 people join us :)

    Do what makes you happy and enjoy!!!

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    #32 shellb

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      Posted 27 October 2008 - 07:22 AM

      Our families scoffed at Mexico, said choose somewhere else, we chose DR and they complained about that as well. Sometimes you can't win for trying. The other ladies before me are right, remember the wedding is about you and your FI. Your day is going to be beautiful.

      A while back I started a thread on lessons learned from planning a destination wedding (http://bestdestinati...om/forum/t27513). Take a read through, there might be some warm and encouraging words to let you know you are not alone with the things you are going through.

      #33 Sandra Lue

      Sandra Lue
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        Posted 01 June 2010 - 09:29 PM

        Do what feels right for you and your fiance. The ones who can and want to be there will. All the others would be the ones showing up to your wedding for a free meal.

        #34 julieandmichel

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          Posted 02 June 2010 - 02:07 PM

          Cheer up Flygrl.... Even if you had it in the US, they'd find something else to critique.... If they're not deciding, it's not a good decision....
          Know what ?? It's YOUR day, YOUR love, YOUR $$$, therefore YOUR decision.... Stay true to yourselves... throughout the wedding and mariage......
          We have the opposite situation; we are getting married privately.... (with just the 5 adults kids)... our friends and family still don't understand our decision... we're actually lying about the date to make sure they don't show up....
          Here's to FREE CHOICE !!!
          Annie stick to your guns !

          #35 FutureMsMoulton

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            Posted 02 June 2010 - 06:59 PM

            Lol....where did you guys find this thread?? If you look at the last post 3 times ago it was dated in 2008!!

            #36 pbjwed

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              Posted 02 June 2010 - 08:26 PM

              We kinda heard the same exact thing from our family. If we g

              #37 pbjwed

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                Posted 02 June 2010 - 08:30 PM

                sorry.. if we got married in NY or Ct we would have over 200+ people at our wedding. It would be impersonal and EXPENSIVE! Did I say expensive So do what makes you happy! Most of our friends are very excited and now are taking a weeklong vaca .... we only thought about 50-60 would come. Now we have almost 100 w the kids! A few people that I would have liked to be there cant make it.. but at the end of the day its about the two of us saying I do... where we want to be! Always remember that! Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                #38 orionandmari072510

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                  Posted 03 June 2010 - 09:17 AM

                  Welcome to the world of all brides in which parents or family object to all their wedding ideas. I assure you if you decided to nuke the DW and stay home, family will find something else to complain about for your wedding. Just remember its you and your FI's day! No one elses. If the whole world was against you, what would you do? Think about it. I know my parents are totally against me having a DW but o well. I love my husband and thats all that matters! Id get married to him far away and alone under a coconut tree any day!

                  #39 MrsC-to-Be

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                    Posted 03 June 2010 - 09:40 AM

                    I have one for you ladies- we intended on a very intimate, small group of family/friends to come to Mexico with us to see us get married, Turns out- all of FI's family is up for it, by my family is dragging their heels, even my mother. SO- it may turn out that only his family will be there...It upsets me sometimes, specially thinking my mother doesnt want to go (doesnt like flying, I will get burned, etc etc ) . But I am working to be ok with it. I dont want anyone coming that feels they 'have to', even if it is my own parents. If they dont want to be there, so be it. This is still what I want, I just have to get past the hurt part, ya know?

                    #40 svetayasofiya

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                      Posted 03 June 2010 - 11:27 AM

                      Originally Posted by FutureMsMoulton
                      Lol....where did you guys find this thread?? If you look at the last post 3 times ago it was dated in 2008!!
                      LMAO Brooke! I guess people don't look at the dates......

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