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What happend to Dez921714

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OMG ladies! I had no idea this thread existed or that everyone's been so worried!


I did post a thread earlier today that explained me being MIA...everything is ok on the home front, just mega mega busy. I am definately going to try to get on here more!!!


This'll help explain where I've been...http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t31237


As for emails and PM's. I didn't have any PM's when I signed on, I don't know if they expire or if my box was full, and I just got your emails today. When FI and I got engaged I set up an email account for wedding stuff (so those annoying davids bridal emails don't clog up my email box). That's the address I used on here...unfortunately, as long as I haven't signed onto here, I haven't signed into there either.


Feel free to email me there if you have it, and you can ask personal things, I don't mind :) FI doesn't even know the password LOL

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