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Looking for Bride and groom place card idea

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Hello ladies,


I'm hoping all you DIY people out there can give me some ideas on way to distinguish where Cain and I will sit for our wedding dinner. We want to be at the center of our table. Please post some ideas...

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On a more amusing note--- you could have a custom bobble head made in your likeness to sit at your place setting. :)


(Frank and I came across them on E-Bay last night and thought it would be hysterical to have them made for all our guests as their place setting at the table! *hehehe*)

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I don't think it would be odd to distinguish where you and Cain are going to sit. I think that's pretty normal...obviously the bride and groom should be seated so that they're right in the middle of things. Better to mark it so guests know and aren't embarassed by being shooed away or made to move . . .or so that you guys aren't stuck in some weird position that you can't see everything etc.


You could do place cards...I actually love the palm trees! Or even look into decorating your chairs or something....flowers, ribbons - even a cute little sign hung w/ ribbon that says "bride" and "groom" respectively.

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