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Lottery winners???


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Just thought I would ask about the lottery. Do you have to start with "A" to win?? Or am I supposed to slip someone a twenty? I keep trying to get my points up but I don't seem to get anywhere.






1) Daily Lottery AQHARIDER 03-20-2007,

2) Daily Lottery akh 03-19-2007, 00

3) Daily Lottery AQHARIDER 03-18-2007,

4) Daily Lottery AQHARIDER 03-17-2007,

5) Daily Lottery Christine 03-16-2007,

6) Daily Lottery Debs 03-15-2007,

7) Weekly Lottery AQHARIDER 03-15-2007,

cool.gif Daily Lottery akh 03-14-2007,

9) Daily Lottery akh 03-13-2007,

10) Daily Lottery AQHARIDER 03-12-2007,

11) Daily Lottery akh 03-11-2007,

12) Daily Lottery akh 03-10-2007,

13) Daily Lottery Debs 03-09-2007,

14) Daily Lottery Christine 03-08-2007,

15) Weekly Lottery AQHARIDER 03-08-2007,

16) Daily Lottery anacgarcia 03-07-2007,

17) Daily Lottery AQHARIDER 03-06-2007,

1cool.gif Daily Lottery akh 03-05-2007,

19) Daily Lottery mgreen 03-04-2007,

20) Daily Lottery AQHARIDER 03-03-2007,

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the same people win because those same people play every day (ahem!). i am pretty sure it's computerized. many times i see that there are only 10-15 tickets purchased - since most people buy the max tickets (5) that means only 3 people are playing. since i am usually one of them, my odds are 1 in 3 - not bad! i assume the other one is Sarah, and then some others.

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Look, I won twice!! :) I only tried like 3 or 4 times, so that's good odds for me. Like AKH says, sometimes only 2 or 3 people play the daily one, so your odds are better, but you don't win a whole lot of points.


I got some points dontated to me at the beginning so I could play, because I really wanted to send someone a gift.

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Originally Posted by TAMMYM View Post
ROFL,, I gave up on the lotto along time ago. :-) Sarah is super lucky, but now that I see the winning list I see she spread the luck to Ann.. :-) Keep trying and max out on your purchase and you might have a shot.
look who's back to wearing the Point Whore Crown! wear it proud!

we may be close on posts, but damn, you have the title locked for points!
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