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how to "dress up" a linen suit

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Hi everyone,


We're getting married in South-West France and my FI is French. He loves wearing linen and really wants to wear this on his wedding day and for it to be "de rigueur" for all the men at the wedding. I'm more than happy with this. However I want him to stand out a bit as the groom. He's going to have a flower but so will his Best Man and our Temoin (french equivalent of witnesses). We aren't buying the attire for male attendants, not done in France and basically impossible given that they all live in different countries (France, UK and USA).


So, how can I make him stand out as the groom without losing the relaxed linen look? Waistcoat? matching handkerchief in pocket? white tie?


What do people think?



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Originally Posted by quackquack View Post
Are the grooms wearing the same suit? If so, the groom can probably wear a plain tie and he can wear a printed one
I agree.. or you can go opposite with the men wearing subtely printed ties and the groom wearing a white tie/plain tie.

I happen to love pocket squares; so he could also do that to distinguish himself.

Or.. you can have him wear a tie and the groomsmen not wear a tie.

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