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Unique Ideas for a Jack & Jill / Buck & Doe?

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So many great ideas here! 

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Have you ever seen a scavenger hunt?   Its so much fun.  You do it like musical chairs taking one chair away while they ppl are out scavenging from your guests.  You put out like 10 chairs and pick 10 ppl from your guests to participate.  You announce for them to go retrieve a set of keys from the guests and while they are doing that you pull 1 chair so one person gets bumped out.  Work your way down to 1 person and he/she is the winner.  You just have to make a list of things you think ppl will have with them..


Suggestion for last thing to retrieve is:  Find someone whose birthday is in March, bring him/her back and sit on their lap. Winner !!!!!


breathe mints

hair tie from womans hair

a pair of socks is always funny too

lip balm

cell phone of a certain color

 another good one when you get down to just a few ppl is toilet paper......they will be looking around wondering where the heck can we get tp and you announce "the bathroom"  this will send them flying and running back just as fast........omg..........hilarious

  Hope this helps a little........believe me its fun..........wait until a little later into the shower to play this.................good luck



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I have a friend that is getting married and we are going to do a jack and jill / buck and doe but was wondering since i have never done this before who pays for it??? does it come out of the money you raise or the wedding party pays for it????

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