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Unique Ideas for a Jack & Jill / Buck & Doe?

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We will be doing a Jack & Jill to raise money for our wedding / reception but I want to do something a little more creative and a little more original than the usual Jack & Jill's that people host.


Does anyone have any ideas for unique themes / games / or events at a jack and jill party? I was thinking a Mexican theme might be cute... but I am wondering about some unique games or something, or even something totally out of the box and different.


Any ideas? Or does anyone know of any online resources I can scour? I still have plenty of time. I am just collecting ideas at this point.


Thanx :)

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Here is a list that I have compiled from a bunch of different spots. I did this when FI and I thought that we were going to be involved in the planning of our Stag and Doe (these are really popular where I live)


Then.. our Bridal Party decided that we weren't involved... and it is a surprise.....


I can't wait for ours!


Tons of ideas available at this website: Free Bridal Shower Games Ideas


Stag and Doe //Jack and Jill // Buck and Doe


1.What couple raises most money... other gets a pie in the face - Towards the end of the night there was a Pie in the Face (there were buckets at the bar "save the bride" or "save the groom" - whoever had less got pied by the other. Of course i had more money, but was blindfolded and discovered they gave him one as well. Needless to say it was hilarious!


2.Black jack

a.Blackjack table! It totally pays itself (and you) off. People purchased chips ($20, $10, $5, $1.00) and played with them. It was such a hit.
3.Crown & Anchor


4.50/50 draws


5.There's another one, I don't know the name of it, but you basically glue a shot glass into the bottom of a Culligan bottle and fill it with water and people try to get money into the shot glass... whoever does wins a prize!

a.Also, have a big jug with a narrow top, put a shot glass inside and leave it at the bar. People drop in a loonie and if it lands in the shot glass they get a free shot, if not, then they get nothing. That one usually brings in lots of money as well.
6.Guess the # on the $50


7.Lottery ticket board (This was one of the most popular games... all the tickets were donated! By family members)


8.Bean bag toss


9.Keys (there was a box w/ a lock on it - you bought a key and if your key opened the box you got the prize - it was 2 Jays tickets!)


10.Door Prize (for 2 Indy passes - seats and pit passes)


11.Toonie Toss (slide your toonie to the bottle - closest wins) - toonie toss at (a bottle of Crown Royal)


12.sold raffle tickets for 2 FC soccer games and gave away raffle prizes for wristbands and such. (A Keg dinner certificate, Canada's Wonderland tickets, movie tickets, Yuk-Yuk tickets, etc)


13.Our biggest money maker (I think) was a wheelbarrow full of booze - $10/ticket, or 3 for $20. There was 4 bottles of wine, 26ers of rye, gin, vodka, peach schnapps, and rum, along with 8 tall boys of beer - about $250 worth of booze. They didn't get to keep the wheelbarrow though (some people were upset about this).


14.Make sure you have jello shooters, sell them for $1 people always buy tons of those, you can't have too many. Get tropical flavours like pineapple and mango and stuff, that way it will go with your theme.


15.There is that game where you tape a deck of cards on a Bristol board face down and ask people to write their names on the card and whoever finds the Jack of Spades wins half the money. I think its usually $2 a card, people will play for a toonie and then its free money, you just pay for the deck of cards and the Bristol board. Keep it at the door or where people are buying drink tickets, because then they already have their money out and will just do it.


16.The Great Canadian Whack Off is hilarious. The Groom's father organized this, (great sport) he brought in a tree stump, and a small little hammer and a whole pack of long nails. You keep a board with peoples names and how many times they 'whacked' the nail to get it in. A lot of guys battled this one out all night. I was the only girl that tried it. I think hitting it 40 times scared a lot of girls. haha. My advice, if you think girls will participate, have two separate score boards, one for guys and one for girls. The guy that won at the end of the night hit the nail 4 times (really made my 40 look bad.. haha) I think we charged $2 or $3 a whack. =)


Note on the success of S&Dâ€s

We had a J&J and it was very successful we had a Mardi gras theme as well.... we made just over $4000... We sold our own alcohol that was a huge money maker. We also had joker poker, a golf game, crown and anchor... some 50/50 draws and a huge amount of raffle prizes. We did not use a Dj as it would have cost too much we rented a system and our BM was our DJ for the night. Our families and WP made all the food so most of our costs were min. we paid for the alcohol my hubby was great at guessing what we needed & we only had to return a few things. LOTS of planning and knowing what people are committed to doing is key.

Many of the comments are just cut and pasted from other brides... I think this is a great list!

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Wow thank you Amarillis. There's lots of ideas there :)


I was also thinking that something with a pinata might be cool. Similar to the Great Canadian Whack Off... only it wouldn't be fair to the people in the beginning (before the pinata really gets smashed). So, still have to think about that.

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Any brides from Alberta doing stag and does? They were very popular in Ontario , but when I moved to Alberta, most people aren't familliar with them... ??

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