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Do you like these for the OOT bags?!

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I went ahead and bought them considering they were on sale for $1.99, and i can return them if I get them and they end up not working with my theme! I thought that if I end up using them, then i can incorporate all of my colors inside the bag. and possbly have it monogramed or something in one of my colors......


Overnight Bags

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Originally Posted by MikkiStreak View Post
I like those! I came across them at the full price recently and had them bookmarked for welcome bags. I just may have to consider buying some of them this early--- I like the fact they can be re-used when traveling because they are pretty big...

I will let you know the quality and stuff once i get them! I hope that there cute because like you, I liked the idea of my guests being able to reuse them when traveling else where! I could't pass the chance of a $2 oot bag!
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They look pretty Mexican if I may say so. I'd vote skip the embroidery and add a luggage tag. They are really roomy too! You'll have fun filling them up. I think guests will really appreciate such a quality bag as well. It can carry all of their souvenirs.

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