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Misc Info for Cruise Wedding Guests

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Hello fellow cruise brides!


After reading Cattie's thread about the note to go with her luggage tags it occurred to me this information I gathered may be useful to other cruise brides! We have a lot of first time cruisers coming to our wedding so I tried to gather miscellaneous useful information to share with them prior to sailing. As of now it's posted on our wedding website. I plan to repeat some of it in our welcome books. A lot of this will probably only apply to RCCL brides but maybe not? Itâ€s all pretty random. Here's what I have for them:


* Alan & Andreaâ€s flight information: We arrive in Fort Lauderdale at _______ on Saturday, January 31 via Delta Airlines _________. (It keeps changing so I will add this in closer to January)


* Royal Caribbean says to arrive at the port around 1 p.m. We've heard of people arriving at the port as early as 11 a.m. and being able to board Freedom within an hour or so. We think it's to our benefit to arrive early because the lines will be shorter. International travelers will have to go through a separate check in process that may take a little longer. Alan & I plan to get to the port around 11-11:30 a.m. If anyone else would like to do the same we can arrange group transportation to reduce the cost for all of us.


* One of the first things you will do when arriving at the port is hand over your bags to the baggage handlers. Most often they are independent contractors and not employees of Royal Caribbean. It is very important that you tip the person that takes your bags! This will help to ensure prompt and safe arrival of your bags on the ship. I think in the past weâ€ve given them a few dollars per bag.


* Every cruise line has a different check in process. In our experience (not on Royal Caribbean) you wait in a big long line to check in/board. At this time you will give them your boarding materials, passports, and a credit card. You will be given your room information and a Seapass card. The Seapass is your room key and credit card for all onboard purchases. The Seapass is directly connected to the credit card you give them at check in. So hang on tight and donâ€t lose it!


* Your cabin may or may not be ready when you board. They are usually available by 1 p.m. Your luggage will arrive at some point during the day/evening. Keep an eye out for it as they will leave your bags outside your door. You may want to pack a carryon for any items you will need in case your luggage arrives after dinner. Carryons must fit through an x-ray machine similar to what is used at the airport.


* There will be a muster at some point during our first day. At this time you will gather at a location determined by the area of your cabin and go over the shipâ€s emergency procedures. Everyone must attend. Itâ€s usually hot and crowded and they try to get it done as fast as possible.


* Make any reservations for specialty restaurants or shows as soon as possible (on the first day). Everything weâ€ve read says they book up quickly!


* Our scheduled dinnertime in the main dining room is 8:30 p.m. Donâ€t feel obligated to have dinner in the dining room if youâ€d rather try one of the ship restaurants or buffets.


* Suggested dress guidelines: Casual – Sport shirts and slacks for men, sundresses or pants for women. Smart Casual – Jackets and ties for men, dresses or pantsuits for women. Formal – Suits and ties for men, cocktail dresses for women.


* Smart casual night: TBD. Naomi says this basically means no shorts, t-shirts, or jeans.


* Formal nights: Monday, February 2 is the first formal night. The second formal night is still to be determined by the ship staff. Naomi said it's usually the second to the last night.


* You have already paid gratuities as a part of the package price and they include your stateroom attendant, dining room waiter, assistant waiter, and head waiter. A 15% gratuity will automatically be added to your bar bill or wine check when you are served.


* Itâ€s usually pretty windy when you are outside on the ship. You may want to bring hats, headbands, etc.


* Royal Caribbean does provide beach towels but if they are lost and not returned to your cabin, your Seapass card will be charged $25.00 per towel.


* Adults' Fountain Soda: This package entitles guests to unlimited consumption of fountain sodas (no cans) at all bars and lounges, Windjammer, Main Dining Room and Private Destinations (CocoCay and Labadee®). This package is available for purchase on the day of embarkation at all bars and lounges and may be charged to your SeaPass account. After this package has been purchased, a sticker will be placed on your Seapass card allowing you to consume fountain sodas (no cans) throughout your cruise. A complimentary Coca Cola souvenir cup is included as part of the package. The cost of the package is $6.90 per person, per day, and is applicable to the total days of the cruise vacation. A 15% gratuity charge will be added.


* We've heard there may be a way around paying ATM fees onboard. You can possibly withdraw cash from the casino cashier which is charged to your Seapass card. It is charged as part of your total Seapass bill, not as a cash advance and Royal Caribbean does not charge a fee. There is a daily limit. This is worth checking into if you need to withdraw cash on the ship.


* Typically, there are only a few outlets per cabin. If you require additional outlets, bring a power strip or extension cord.


* All the rooms have ice buckets, hair dryers (not very powerful according to some people), soap, coat hangers and safes.


* Royal Caribbean does offer laundry and pressing services for a small fee. There are no self-service laundry or ironing stations.


* During your scheduled dinnertime, you can order as much as you want for no additional fees. So if two entrees look good, order both!


If anyone can add anything to the list I would love to hear it! idea.gif




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Originally Posted by Prettyhazardous View Post
Hey Ladies there's a website at www. seauonboard. com that gives this kind of info. It's mainly for carnival cruisers but some of the info is just relevant to cruising,
This is such a great site, I've never cruised before and many of my guests haven't either so it is really helpful thanks!

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